1 thought on “What are the activities of the "March 8th" Women's Day Jindibari diamond?”

  1. Today, I just went to the Kimbelie Diamond to buy a diamond ring. There were two shops in the Jinbie diamonds in Yangquan, one in Binhe Xintiandi, and one in Hua Lian Commercial Building. These two stores are one, but their activities are different. The gold in Binhe's gold is discounting 30 yuan per gram, and the discount price is 398 yuan/g. Diamond jewelry is added with flowers. Hualian stores should be more favorable. The price of gold is the same. Diamond jewelry is over 1000 minus 50, adding flowers. 20 % off the prize and emerald discount. I bought a diamond ring of more than 5,000 in Huailian Store and gave me a large beam of carnations. It felt quite warm. The service of Kimberley Diamond is good. In the future, buy jewelry or go to Kimberley.

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