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  1. First, open -air mining: Under normal circumstances, diamond mines are surrounded by goldenberry pipes. In the middle of the pipeline, the most densely high -quality diamonds are characterized by large pits one by one. When the Golden Belle Rock Pipe was discovered, mining workers were excavated vertically from the ground surface.
    . Underground mining: This kind of mining method is safer and more effective, especially as the excavation process is getting deeper and deeper, it is difficult to determine whether to continue to dig to expand the pits. Underground mining only needs to open a tunnel to enter the surface to extract diamonds, which is more reasonable and lower in danger. Sometimes the mixed mining of underground mining and open -air mining, a tunnel from the pit into the surrounding rocks.
    . Extraction from the mine from the mine: Kimbelie rock can be released from the crust by artificial explosion, and a large amount of rocks are exploded and exploded, but it cannot be tested on the scene that there are diamonds wrapped in the package. You must use it to be used. Large trucks and steam shovels are transferred to another place for processing and diamond extraction. Generally speaking, a diamond is 0.5 carats per ton of rock mud.
    . The impact mining: The riverside stream will take the goldbelie rock to the river bed, the shore, and even the coastal area to form a shocking sand mine. Impact mining is also known as artificial mining, because the mininger must go to the impact sand mines to find diamonds manually. The farther the distance from the Jinbeliyan pipeline, the lower the output of diamonds, and the sparse density of the distribution of diamonds. Therefore, impact mining is not suitable for industrial diamond mining.

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    . Bernart brothers discovered the Kimbeli King Kong Mine in 1870. It is this discovery that people know which rocks may contain diamonds. It was a volcanic rock formed after the cooling of magma in ancient times. The possibility of finding diamond mines is relatively high at places that produce garnet and olives. As a result, garnet and olives became "indicating minerals" to find diamonds.
    . The Kimbelie Diamond Pit is considered to be the world's largest manpower mining pit. From 1866 to 1914, 50,000 miners used iron shovel and other tools to excavate a total of 2722 kilograms of diamonds. The South African government is trying to apply for the Kimbelite pit as a world cultural site.
    . The open -air mining is a cover that removes the mineral body. The process of obtaining the required minerals is used to adopt the process of useful minerals from the open -surface mining. Open -air mining mainly includes processes such as perforation, blasting, picking, transportation, and soil. Compared with underground mining, the advantages are that the resource utilization is sufficient and poor, and it is suitable for large -scale mechanical construction, fast -builting, large output, high labor productivity, low cost, good labor conditions, and safety production.
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    The rough of the diamond is diamond, diamond is a natural mineral, and diamonds are the picked diamond. Most of the way of mining of diamonds is the way of open -air mining combined with underground mining. For diamond ore on the surface part, it is directly mining, and it is gradually mined inward. Its channels are mostly spirals. In this way, the trucks of trucks are extremely convenient.
    , diamond mines with more than 300 meters underground must be underground mining. The process is similar to coal mining. However, it is transported through the roadway and vertical wells.
    In Vajrayana ore out of the ground, the next step is to deal with the ore and screen the ore containing diamonds. The specific method is to first break the ore with a machine, or place it in the open world, so that it will naturally weather it. After that, it is the first procurement. There are three ways to choose:
    . Bullet selection method, the rushing rough gravel, second crushing and then washing;
    , the weight of the primary primaries, put the ore into a large funnel in a large funnel. In the funnel, a silicon iron suspension solution is equipped. Generally speaking, the ore containing diamonds will sink to the bottom and is separated. This is because the diamond density is high, and its ore is naturally heavier.
    three. Mix the ore with water with the water selection method of the washing disk. It is mud -shaped, and the mixture is chaotic with tools. The heavier diamond -containing ore sinks to the bottom and push it to one side.
    After the rough selection, it is selected, and then further screen the diamond ore through a series of means, and finally select the diamonds by experienced workers. The rough mining of diamonds in this way is as follows
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  3. 1. Mining
    The process of digging diamonds is to combine technology, experience, wisdom, money, and labor. The
    blasting, some drilling mines were washed and grinded by the surface through the river bed to the surface.

    2. Consolidation and polishing

    diamond-ray crystals ---- → design and drawing line ------ →

    - --- → grind and polish ----------------------------------------------------------- n3, a bright diamond is done!
    is about to start now how to make a diamond a beautiful diamond ornament, and become the best beautiful partner of people

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