The original PE pipe can also be used as a fire pipe

In recent years, polyethylene (PE) pipeline has been widely used in municipal water supply, agriculture and forestry irrigation, sewage and fire pipeline engineering for its superior performance.

As we all know, at present, most of our domestic outdoor buried fire pipes are galvanized steel pipes, but with the popularization of PE pipes, it is gradually recognized by people and more applied to the fire pipe industry. When the working pressure of fire water supply system is not more than 1.2MPa, the buried pipe part needs to use PE water supply pipe with nominal pressure above 1.25MPa.

So can PE pipe be used for outdoor fire pipes? Let's learn about PE tube with China HDPE parts factory:

First of all, the selection of fire pipe quality:

The material selection of outdoor fire water distribution pipe should be based on pipe diameter, internal pressure, external load, terrain, geology and pipe supply of the pipeline laying area, and in accordance with the principles of safe operation, durability, leakage reduction, convenient construction and maintenance, economic and reasonable, and comprehensive analysis and determination of technology, economy and safety.

Fire pipes are mainly divided into indoor and outdoor kinds.​

Because the steel pipe is easy to corrode underground and inconvenient to operate, we are in urgent need of a different type of pipe which is resistant to corrosion and aging and can meet the requirements of fire fighting pipes.

PE pipe is mainly made of high-density polyethylene, because of its excellent creep resistance, corrosion resistance, convenient installation and construction, flexibility, and can reach the required kg pressure of fire water supply.

​Thus PE pipe can be used for fire fighting.

At present, PE pipe for fire fighting is mainly used in outdoor fire pipes. In engineering design, the selection of pipe is determined according to the length and pressure of the pipe. ​Typically, PE pipe for fire fighting does not pay much attention to health indicators, mainly in the pressure, and the acceptance standard is typically 1.5 times of the pressure grade of the pipe itself. PE fire pipe fittings are also extremely complete, and can completely meet the construction requirements, so they should be vigorously promoted.

Most of the engineering outdoor fire water supply is used in common with domestic production. Buried pipelines can entirely use PE pipelines, which have excellent hydraulic conditions and do not need anti-corrosion and cold protection. However, outdoor fire hydrants should be connected with metal pipes, and steel-plastic conversion joints should be best used to connect PE pipes and metal pipes.

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