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  1. wholesale jewelry sighns The 2022 World Cup was held in Qatar.
    2022 Catal World Cup TFWC2022 (English: The FIFA World Cup -QAAR 2022) is the 22nd World Cup football game. It is the first time in history in Qatar and the Middle East. It is also the second World Cup in Asia. Football.
    In addition, the Qatar World Cup is the first World Cup football match held in the northern hemisphere in winter and the first country that has never been held by the World Cup. On July 15, 2020, the 2022 Qatar World Cup schedule was announced.
    The unveiling war started on November 21, 2022. At 18:00 on December 18, local time, the final was held at the Lussel Stadium that can accommodate 80,000 people. The competition is held in 12 cities in Qatar. There are four games per day in the group stage (the schedule reduces the original 32 days to 28 days).
    2022 World Cup tickets
    On January 19, 2022, the first phase of the Qatar World Cup ticket application was officially launched, and it ended on February 8. Fans can apply for tickets for the Qatar World Cup through the official platform of FIFA.
    In the news released by FIFA, the minimum price of the Qatar World Cup in 2022 was 40 Katalria, or about 70 yuan. However, the price of this price is limited to the purchase of Qatar citizens. The minimum price for foreign fans other than Qatar is 438 yuan, which is 1/3 less than the minimum price of 686 yuan in the 2018 World Cup.

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