How long is the vehicle transport semi truck? How many cars can the vehicle transport semi truck pull

There are numerous kinds of semi-trailer. The semi-trailer specialized in the transportation of all kinds of passenger cars is known as the vehicle transportation semi-trailer, usually with smooth lifting, light structure, safe and convenient operation, excellent ride comfort and other characteristics. According to the regulations, the length limit of the vehicle transport semi-trailer is 12 meters, and the length limit of the medium axle vehicle transport train is 22 meters, which can transport up to 8 (large and medium size) to 10 (tiny and medium size) passenger cars. Let's work with Custom semi trailer manufacturers to find out how tall the vehicle transport semi trailer is.

First, the vehicle transport semi-trailer model characteristics

Vehicle transport semi-trailer, as the name implies, is a semi-trailer used to transport vehicles. ​Usually, the loading part is designed with a fence structure, and it is used to carry passenger vehicles such as cars, vans, commercial vehicles and jeeps. Its model features mainly include:

1, the body of the rod, cabinet frame structure, light weight, mostly for the upper and lower two layers of loading platform, the platform adopts hydraulic cylinder, wire rope pulley structure, with the characteristics of smooth lifting.

2, the whole vehicle adopts the truss structure, the frame overall bearing, no semi trailer has the longitudinal beam structure, light structure, than similar vehicles about 30% lighter weight.

b04e69a4a7d1f69212c0ff33ab466b683, safe and convenient operation, all loading and unloading platform lift control operation reliable, clear observation, accurate operation.

4, with plate spring under suspension system, variable section plate spring, excellent ride comfort.

Two, how tall is the vehicle transport semi-trailer?​

According to GB1589-2016 "Limits of Road Vehicle Profile Size, Axle Load and Mass", the length limit of semi-trailer is 13.75 meters, the vehicle transport semi-trailer belongs to the mid-axle semi-trailer, the prescribed length limit is 12 meters, and the length limit of the mid-axle transport train is 22 meters.

Under the standard, vehicle transport semi-trailers can come in different sizes and lengths, depending on the manufacturer's design.

Three, vehicle transport semi trailer can pull a few cars at most.​

Vehicle transport semi-trailer used to transport vehicles, need to take into account the transport efficiency. That is, how numerous vehicles can be pulled at a time, then how numerous vehicles can be pulled by the vehicle transport semi-trailer?

​Commonly speaking, different types of passenger vehicles are transported. semi trailer size is different, the number of vehicles that can be transported is also different. Usually an ordinary vehicle transports semi trailer, can load 8 (large and medium size) to 10 (tiny and medium size) passenger vehicles.

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