Facial massage allows you to easily solve the annoyance!

The face is the outer embodiment of a woman's image, and having a blowable, smooth, flawless face is every woman's dream. Facial massages are great news for women. They can help you deal with your worries and make you glow!

The role of facial massage
Facial massage promotes blood circulation and supplements nutrients to tissues; ​increase oxygen delivery, promote the normal cell metabolism; ​helps the skin excrete waste and carbon dioxide, reducing the accumulation of oil; ​makes skin tissue dense and elastic; ​eliminate excessive water accumulated under the skin, eliminate swelling and skin relaxation phenomenon, effectively delay skin aging; ​the subcutaneous nerve relaxation, getting a full rest, eliminating fatigue, reducing muscle pain and tension, refreshing.This is jade roller wholesale factory.

Precautions before massage
Before massage, some cold cream should be applied on the face to promote massage lubrication, but also to absorb the heat generated during massage. Don't massage too rough. The middle and ring fingers are the best. Massage action should have a sense of rhythm, should not be overly rapid or too slow, massage speed and heart beat speed is best.

Massage six Qu
Step 1 Smooth out forehead lines

Draw a circle on the forehead with the middle and ring fingers of both hands, the direction is upward and outward, starting from the middle of the forehead to the middle of the brow, respectively, to the temples on both sides, and then press the temples with the index fingers of both hands. Repeat 20 times. ​can prevent the appearance of forehead wrinkles.

2. Push the eye socket

Both hands thumb on the temple, with the second joint of the index finger on the inner side of the lower orbital. The upper eye socket is once from brow to brow; ​the lower orbit is once from inner corner to outer corner. First up and then down, a total of 20 laps for two. It can eliminate eye fatigue, prevent eye wrinkles, prevent eye bags, and also help prevent cheek skin sagging.

3. Push and press the nose

The pores of the nose are particularly large and easy to appear blackheads. Use two hands to point to the abdomen, extrapolate from both sides of the nose and push the labial groove, and then push up and down along the middle of the bridge of the nose, repeat 20 times. ​It can make the nose smooth, but also can prevent nasal blackheads.

4. Separate your lips

The middle finger of both hands along the edge of the lips to do a circle action, and then, respectively, from the middle to the corners of the mouth. The upper lip is spread from the midstream sulcus to the corners of the mouth, the lower lip is spread from the middle of the lower chin to the corners of the mouth, and the lower lip is spread to the outside, with two fingers slightly upward gently. Repeat 20 times. This method can prevent the mouth expression wrinkles, and prevent the mouth droop.

5. Pat your cheeks

Puff up the cheeks, gently beat both sides of the cheeks with both hands, beat several times until the cheek skin is slightly red. ​It can make the cheek muscle firm, not easy to relax.

6. Dab your neck

Raise the chin and gently rub the neck with both hands from bottom to top, from left to right and then from right to left. Repeat 20 times. ​can prevent neck wrinkles, prevent muscle sag and produce double chin.

This is a simple and easy to learn family facial health massage exercise, massage once every morning and evening, you can also massage at leisure. The main perseverance, must be able to maintain skin fitness.

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