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  1. In the traditional sense, the "three gold" refers to: gold ring, gold bracelet, gold necklace, and some of the gold earrings, which are basically three types of. It is usually prepared by her in -laws to express their love and attention to daughter -in -law. However, some of the men's areas represented by Shanghai were bought by the Mother's mother to her daughter.
    With the changes in the times, the "New Three Gold" is now popular. The materials are more diversified and the meaning is more extensive. It can be platinum, diamonds, jade decoration emerald, K gold, and so on.
    gold ring
    pressed everyone must think of the "golden ring" and will think of their mother, grandma, grandmother's "box treasure" or "heirs' treasure". Because the ring circle is too large ...
    In fact, the shape of the gold jewelry is becoming more and more fashionable. Many cartoons and flowers in the gold ring are deeply loved by young brides. Like silver jewelry, it not only maintains the traditional charm, but also has a new style of style. Creative. There is always one of your hearts.

    It small, chic gold rings can also be worn everyday, and brides who are worried about their practical value can choose such rings, because the shape is simple and modern, even if we wear wedding dresses or dresses at the wedding, they can be worn. There is no sense of disobedience.

    The rings that are relatively classic and more prominent in shape need to be paired with Chinese dresses or improved Chinese dresses. It is recommended to choose Chinese -style outing ceremony, wearing gold ornaments, skirts, not too beautiful.

    The most common gold bracelets of gold bracelets are described by dragon and phoenix, flowers and birds, and some designs made of brushed and geometric planing. Because the bracelet itself is slender, it does not affect daily wear. There are fewer selection of dresses.

    The on the other is hollow carving, the shape of the dragon and phoenix, "囍", etc. The desktop is wide, which is very suitable for the dragon and phoenix gown with seven -point sleeves.

    Gold necklaces
    The necklace for marriage for marriage is generally large. Most of the shapes are dragons and phoenixes, flowers and birds, and 囍 characters. It is better to match Chinese dresses: Xiuhe skirt, dragon and phoenix gown, cheongsam and improved Chinese dresses. Red silk, orange -red.

    This should also pay attention to uniformity with the shape of the phoenix crown.

    If you do n’t like the above styles, or if you do n’t prepare Chinese dresses at the wedding, you can choose a stylish pendant style. It will not be abrupt to wear a wedding dress and dress.

    Gold earrings
    General three gold will buy the entire kit, which is more uniform and more imposing. Usually the shape of the pendant is more suitable for Chinese dresses.

    It also some brides will choose the style of tassels. As shown in the figure below, Hu Xing'er combined the retro and modern style, and it looks more delicate and unique. You can also wear it when you toast, and you can show your neck.

  2. You should refer to which brand. If it is a gold jewelry that processes the price at the weight price, then the price of almost every gold shop is almost the same. If it is a price, you must choose a more reliable local gold shop. Chinese gold and Zhou Dafu are all good, but if you want to discourage the price at the later period, it is not the price of buying, it is based on the actual weight. If you want to wear it all the time and prefer the price of the price, it is recommended to choose.

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