1 thought on “How to deal with personal items stolen and alarm”

  1. If the personal item is stolen, you can call the Public Security Bureau of the stolen land or call the 110 police call. Those who have a large amount of public and private property, or those who have a large amount, or theft, the theft of households, the theft of the murder weapon, and the picker of the murder weapon shall be sentenced to imprisonment, detention or control of three years, and shall be punished or single.
    [Legal basis]
    "Criminal Law" Article 264
    This of public and private property, large amount, or multiple theft, household theft, carrying weapon theft, picking picker In case of imprisonment, detention or control of less than three years, and punishment or single fines; if the amount is huge or there are other serious circumstances, it will be imprisoned for three years and less than ten years. In the case, it is sentenced to more than ten years in prison or life imprisonment, and fined or confiscated property.

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