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  1. Those who have watched "Run" should be very familiar with Li Chen. He is a heavyweight player who is known as the Big Bull. He has also filmed a lot of film and television dramas in the entertainment industry. You should have watched him shooting. Drama. What we want to say today is not Li Chen, but Li Chen's ex -girlfriend. Many netizens say that Li Chen is poisonous. His ex -girlfriend is not very good in the end. Why do netizens say so? Then you look at it. Know.
    萌 Niu Mengmeng
    Recently, the media exposed the caught by an artist's drug abuse. This artist is Niu Mengmeng. Niu Mengmeng is a actress in the entertainment industry. She has appeared in a lot of TV series, and her popularity in the entertainment industry is not low. After her drug use was arrested, her love history was picked up by netizens. Niu Mengmeng, Li Chen and Wang Shuo and many well -known male artists had been in love. Among them, she and Li Chen's feelings know the most. Niu Mengmeng was only 15 years old when he was with Li Chen.
    In 1997, 19 -year -old Li Chen and 15 -year -old Niu Mengmeng met because of the TV series. At that time, the two had a lot of contact when filming, and they often contacted in private. Li Chen has a great favor about this young and beautiful girl, so he pursued Niu Mengmeng. Niu Mengmeng happened to be the age of love, and soon confirmed the relationship with Li Chen, but the two at the time were very simple and green. After a long time together, they broke up.
    The later Niu Mengmeng was admitted to the Chinese opera, and the starting point was very high. At that time, Niu Mengmeng, who was still a newcomer, had already taken advertisements with Su Youpeng. You must know that Su Youpeng was a big coffee and could cooperate with Su Youpeng. It was a one. Very good opportunity. Not only that, Niu Mengmeng is also very important by screenwriter Haiyan, and resources are also a big deal. Niu Mengmeng should have a place in the entertainment industry, but she broke her good cards by herself. Now Niu Mengmeng was arrested for drug use, and he was already in a cracking. But Li Chen's ex -girlfriend who lost his name was not only Niu Mengmeng, but also others.
    ē’ Li Xiaolu
    Li Chen met Li Xiaolu when filming "Thirteen Grid" in 2003. At that time, Li Xiaolu was very famous. He was already the best actress of the Golden Horse Awards. Based on the fame alone, Li Chen could not be better than Li Xiaolu, but Li Chen was very bold and had to take the initiative to attack. He retreated because Li Xiaolu's fame was high and pursued Li Xiaolu. After being with Li Xiaolu, he still tattooed on his leg. However, they were only together for five years, and they broke up in five years.
    Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang after the breakup. Jia Nailiang loved Li Xiaolu very much. After the two got married, they also gave birth to a particularly cute daughter. When Jia Nailiang took the child to participate in the variety show, everyone knew that Jia Nailiang loved them very much for their mother and daughter, and the audience also envious of them. However, Li Xiaolu was young and vigorous, and he couldn't control his restless heart after he was with Jia Nailiang. On December 29, 2017, Li Xiaolu told Jia Nailiang that she was going to make her hair, and Jia Nailiang naturally let her go.
    Cato, who knows that Li Xiaolu is not going to make hair at all, she went to date with the rapper PG One, and this scene was just photographed by the media. The next day was exposed, which caused a lot of discussion. Li Xiaolu was also abused by everyone because of this incident. Li Xiaolu was really wrong. Jia Nailiang was so good to her, but she was still derailed and was sorry for Jia Nailiang. After this incident, Li Xiaolu completely disappeared in the entertainment industry, and no one would go to her to make a movie.
    Li Xiaolu will become all because of her herself. If she controls herself, then there will not be so many things, and she will have a place in the entertainment industry, rather than Many netizens scold. In April 2020, Li Xiaolu opened the live broadcast to bring the goods, but the barrage scolded her. She couldn't help it, she could only live with tears and disappeared in the entertainment industry. Now I rarely heard the news of Li Xiaolu. I hope she can live well. After all, things have passed for so long, and she should have changed it.
    冰 Fan Bingbing
    In 2003, Li Chen and Fan Bingbing collaborated on "The Legend of Wu Mei Niang" because Li Chen and Fan Bingbing met. Fan Bingbing's reputation does not need to say more. As long as the words Fan Bingbing are said, no one will not know it. Fan Bingbing is also a beautiful representative, and she looks very beautiful, which is why she can have such a high status in the entertainment industry. Li Chen was particularly good for Fan Bingbing. After falling in love, he took Fan Bingbing to meet his parents. Even if Fan Bingbing's fame is tall, she is an ordinary woman even if she looks beautiful, and she is eager to be loved.
    The Li Chen just appeared at this time, warming Fan Bingbing's heart, Fan Bingbing also appreciated Li Chen, and helped Li Chen a lot in his career. When Li Chen filmed the movie "Empty Heaven Hunt", she didn't want to play the movie, and she kept promoting the movie to her boyfriend. In 2017, Fan Bingbing agreed to Li Chen's proposal. Li Chen sent a unique ring for Fan Bingbing. Diamonds were so large as pigeon eggs.
    When the two talked about marriage, Fan Bingbing had a big incident, that is, she was caught by her tax evasion. Because of this incident, Fan Bingbing was not only fined 883 million yuan, but her career was also greatly affected. Someone in the entertainment industry did not dare to use Fan Bingbing. Fan Bingbing also gradually disappeared into the public vision, because this incident was a big thing. Tax evasion was illegal. If Fan Bingbing had no compensation, he might be in prison.
    I. After this incident, Li Chen's approach was very angry. It is estimated that Fan Bingbing also knew that Li Chen was not a person who could entrust life, so in 2019, the two announced their breakup. Fan Bingbing has been trying to come back. Li Chen's career has no effect, and she is in love as usual. Looking back, only Zhang Xinyu was the best among the many girlfriends of Li Chen. Zhang Xinyu is now married to a soldier brother, and has been blessed by many netizens, and his life is very happy.

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