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  1. Kun made the four pillars Renzi Renzi Renchen Renyin (day and air, noon, no)
    Personal characteristics:
    ★ Yangshui master machine is wise and sensitive, aggressive, versatile. Easy to flow in positive and fascinating, impulsive and irritable.
    ★ From the prosperity of the Japanese Lord, you look at you: the response is rapid, the action is agile, the enthusiasm is high, and the toughness is not unplugged, but the temperament is irritable, it is easy to explode, and it is difficult to make it. confidence.
    ★ People who are more enthusiastic and frank are not afraid of difficulties and adventure. They have the courage to go forward and engage in speculative activities. Easy to flow regardless of the consequences, disregarding the purpose, and arbitrarily arbitrarily.
    Pezons Fengxing Star, with leadership, and serving the prestige, the disadvantage is that it is less considering others.
    The sheep blade is bold, fortunate, and courageous, but it is easy to get irritable.
    The Hugai, smart, lonely, and like mysterious things. It is easy to fall into the world of fantasy, stay away from reality, and look light.
    Liming with Kuizhu, strict sex, clever and decisive, leading, easy to flow in self -centered.
    This with Wenchang, smart text, good reading, artistic talents.
    Pezons meet the stage horses, like to travel, want to travel around the world, the heart and vision are more open, but they are not good at engaging in endurance.
    [Capricorn] You have endurance and diligence. Doing everything has a beginning and end, and is a very responsible person. However, being lonely, suspicion, and not too intense.

    Career financial fortune:
    ★ Money is difficult to gather, good at speculative activities, like gambling. The fortune is not good, and the wealth of wealth is not good. There is short -term wealth, but it is difficult to last. Use diligence and be careful, and accumulate less.
    ★ From your preference God, it is conducive to engaging in wood -related industries, such as: gardening, seed value, forestry, wood, furniture, textiles, paper, cultural and education, academic, religion, medical care, official duties, etc.
    The industries related to fire, such as: lighting, stoves, glasses, electronics, firecrackers, welding, coal, natural gas, beauty hairdressing, processing, department stores, etc.
    The industry -related industries, such as: minerals, ceramics, real estate, cement, animal husbandry, construction, local products, feed, warehousing, and book supply.
    ★ From the perspective of your life situation and personality, it is conducive to engaging in industries such as tourism, pawnshop, leasing, bars, and ballrooms. As long as you cooperate with others, your specialty can be played well. success.

    The marriage spouse:
    The tri -life of the Lord He Yin, noon birthday, Liuhe, who is born with the old age, is more favorable for the marriage of people, horses, and rabbits; The harm of each other, and the people who are born with the birth of Chen, and the marriage with those who live in the past two years, that is, the person who is a chicken is more disadvantaged, and the person who belongs to the dragon must be cautious. In addition, there is no need to worry about it.
    [Direction of spouse] It is better to choose the southwest or northeast of your own house.
    The daily support is a strict and majestic part of the partial official spouse, active in doing things. It is bold and very straightforward to people. Sometimes it seems to be very domineering, too suspicious of personnel, and more happy.
    The daily decree is to use God for the Lord, and the main spouse is mostly helpful or closely related.

    Parents and brothers and sisters:
    ◆ Your father is rigid and resolute for human nature, stable, and boldness. But sometimes it is too subjective, stubborn and stubborn, and fighting for money with others.
    This is more capable, has a successful career, has a certain economic or social status, or a healthy, smart and blessed person.
    It is to avoid God for the Lord, and it rarely helps or alienate.

    ◆ Your mother is strict and majestic, active in doing things, is bold and refreshing to people, sometimes it seems to be overbearing, too suspicion for personnel, more worry and less joy.
    is more common and belongs to the class of ordinary people.
    It for the Lord to use God, it is more helpful or closely related.

    ◆ Your sisters are rigid and resolute for human nature, stable things, and boldness. But sometimes it is too subjective, stubborn and stubborn, and fighting for money with others.
    This is more capable, has a successful career, has a certain economic or social status, or a healthy, smart and blessed person.
    It is to avoid God for the Lord, and it rarely helps or alienate.

    ◆ Your brother is enthusiastic and straightforward, not afraid of difficulties and adventure, courage to go forward, and engage in speculative activities. Easy to flow regardless of the consequences, disregarding the purpose, and arbitrarily arbitrarily.
    This is more capable, has a successful career, has a certain economic or social status, or a healthy, smart and blessed person.
    It is to avoid God for the Lord, and it rarely helps or alienate.

    Children's offspring:
    ◎ The first child gave birth to a girl.
    ◆ Your son is a humanistic and resolute, stable, and good at morality. But sometimes it is too subjective, stubborn and stubborn, and fighting for money with others.
    This is more capable, has a successful career, has a certain economic or social status, or a healthy, smart and blessed person.
    For the life Lord, it is not the god of God, which is easy to drag his parents or affection.

    ◆ Your daughter is gentle and easy -going, honest and kind, and has more patience to do things. I like to enjoy it.
    is more common and belongs to the class of ordinary people.
    For the life Lord, he is happy to use God, and parents will help each other or be harmonious.

    The physique health:
    The is high -strength in the master, good health, less disease.
    This in your eight characters is easy to get kidney, bladder, feet, genitals, urinary, waist, ears, hernia and other parts.
    The anger is too dry, heart, shoulders, shoulders, blood, face, face, teeth, abdomen, tongue and other parts that are prone to infection.

    The favorable selection:
    ☆ centered on birth or residence, your house, office, sitting position, sleeping position, employment, school, medical treatment, etc. The central government is auspicious.
    ☆ The time of entrepreneurship, going out, etc., etc., can be selected in spring, summer, and four seasons.
    ☆ clothing, jewelry, furniture, decoration, etc. should be green, red, and yellow.
    ☆ House cards, license plates, phone numbers, lottery, floors, room numbers, etc. There are numbers 1, 2 or 3, 4 and 5, 6 are lucky.
    ☆ Those who choose to be born in the younger year, because he is your nobleman, who can help you. People born in these three years have been harmonious.

  2. Capricorn

    December 22 to January 20 dominate planet: Saturn attribute: Earth phase constellation


    Capricorn is a constellation that symbolizes winter. In winter, he dedicated absolute consciousness to the people born in Capricorn. Capricorn people, especially when a few planets are in your constellation at the same time, you will be a person with realistic thoughts and ambitions; at the same time, you are easily conquered by warm emotions. People. Your expression is calm and indifferent, it is not easy to approach, and you like to be separated from the group. You are afraid that other people's meaningless conversations will occupy your precious time, nor can you accept others' rudeness to you. You are serious, deep, consistent, loyal, honest, honest, and dedicated. In addition, you are like a rock, no compromise, not tolerant tolerance, and never reporting any fantasies. You live deeply and like to lock yourself in the ivory tower, which is much better for you to experience passion. Be careful that you may miss a lot of good opportunities, so you will feel disappointed and not encounter. However, you are indeed a strong responsible, diligent worker and outstanding organizer. Like climbing mountain peaks, the brilliant future of Capricorn people needs to be exchanged with unremitting efforts. Your success mainly relies on your spirit of hard work and your ability to work, and you can't expect the gift of luck. You don't like to do nothing, nothing, your actual sense prompts you to continuously improve your work quality and living environment.

    The people in Capricorn are mainly career and often set the degree of personal living. Everything starts from the most realistic point of view, starts from scratching down to scratch, and pursues realistic results. You are eager to succeed, maybe this is to compensate for some kind of needs or hidden loneliness in your heart, but you never confuse your feelings and career. Your logical thought, objective attitude, and organizational concepts may cause you to enter the key points of higher vocational positions, and sometimes you will lead you to the road of society or political life. Many national leaders are mainly based on the influence of Capricorn in your Tiangong map.

    . In general, in youth, due to lack of enthusiasm, it will not win the favor of others. When you are young, it is always difficult, and sometimes he can even experience hardships. However, this situation will inspire your determination to struggle for your bright future. If you can adhere to your career to the end, as your age increases, your intelligence advantage will become more and more revealing. From the age of fifty, Capricorn people can enter the golden age of your life. In his later years, you will reach a perfect state in spirit and material, and you will taste the sweetness of your work.

    The people in Capricorn cherish the wealth that they work hard with their hard work. The expenses are very planned and don't like to squander waste. Diligence and frugality are their original color. You are more likely to achieve traditional and organized work than innovative work. Especially when Saturn is in Capricorn or Aquarius, or in the Yoda I, ⅹ, ⅶ, or IV Palace.

    The men of Capricorn

    Capricorn men rarely show their true feelings, basically a lonely person. Your life is carried out under the strict control of meticulous spirit, high sense of responsibility and logical mind. Passion is generally mobilized by ambition and power desire. You are always working hard and have an impeccable attitude. You are easy to think that everything else does not ideal, you must do it yourself. Time will prove your success.

    Me sometimes you don't miss yourself and don't miss others, your thoughts are often in a state of worrying. You keep a certain distance to women, because you doubt the sincerity of their feelings. Your feelings are difficult to touch. Only when you are sincere with a woman, can the hidden love burst out, and this love is enduring.

    . Your emotions often have melancholy components. Only when you know or feel that you are trusted, your face will smile on your face. Otherwise, you always observe silently and quietly. After getting married, your heart will still stay in your career, often busy with work, and rarely free time. But you are very loyal, you have a strong sense of responsibility for your loved ones, you can trust you. Your loved ones should understand you, and do not need to be ignored and sought for your periodic depression.

    The women who are in Cancer are docile and elegant in Cancer. You can understand your character and bring you the tenderness and meticulous care you need.

    The choice of Virgo women as partners will help build a stable and harmonious family on the basis of mutual respect.

    The live with the women of Capricorn, you will like it, you will have a strong sense of responsibility for work.

    The women of Capricorn

    It you are a very self -knowledgeable person, but it is difficult to get rid of the small circle of personal life. You need others to understand and trust you. In terms of love, your biggest problem is to let the other party's pursuit. Generally speaking, you always try to control your actions with reason. Your career is better than your emotions.

    You can handle everything in your own life with great courage and abilities, and is willing to responsibility. You want your life to have a reliable material guarantee so that you can feel calmly. Because you are always worried about what you will lose, even if the material living conditions are very good, this unnecessary thought often appears in your mind. As long as Saturn has a strong influence in your birthday palace map, or it is a bad orientation with the moon or Venus, then depression will be a partner that you cannot get rid of your life. Once you find your ideal lover, you will devote yourself to your life, help and take care of your husband and children with the greatest ability, and have no complaints. If your love is unexpectedly frustrated, you will go to your career to seek joy and comfort, and use your own talents to achieve spiritual balance.

    Caponic women like sincere Cancer men, his warmth will make your character cheerful.

    This with Virgo men will be the combination of ideals and happiness.

    This with Taurus men can build a stable and harmonious family.

    The children of Capricorn

    Capricorn children's thoughts are particularly early, and they enter the ranks of adults at a very young age. Essence

    It may be a lonely child when you are in school, which is easy to make you feel deeply sad. For this reason, you should urge you to go outdoors and be with your classmates, talk and laugh, and express your mood, so that you can not be physically and mentally rigid.

    Capricorn children love to learn, and have their own methods of accumulating knowledge and strict organizational discipline concepts. Like to collect and classify. This is a method of studying, work and life, and excessive pursuit of perfection. No matter what you want to do, you want to do excellence. These excellent qualities will help you go to an important post. Many scholars and politicians were born in this constellation.

    The children of Capricorn are very serious and serious, and cannot be treated lightly. This is the basis for your pursuit.

    . Your ideal path is management, industry, archeology, finance, political wholesale trade, and related to land and geology.

    The basic personality of people born in Capricorn 10 °:

    birth date: December 22 to December 31

    Personality: This is a lonely and ambitious personality. Before the operation, we often weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and do not like to open the door to see the mountain. With strong work enthusiasm and organizational discipline, you never let yourself go, which has paved the way for you to achieve excellent achievements. However, you sometimes lack self -confidence and trust in others. This is one of the roots of your often depressed distress. In order to realize your ideals, you do not hesitate to work hard.

    The source of power: achievement

    birth date: January 1st to January 10

    Hard work. Perseverance and persistence your mind will keep you going along a road and never want to enter the wrong way. Emotional and strong self -awareness is too strong.

    The source of power: reality

    birth date: January 11th to January 20

    Essence There are excellent talents in intelligence, learning and research. The character is honest, and the self -knowledge is clear, but it becomes indecisive and is easy to discourage. Often is to succumb to the situation, and the lack of self -transcendence.

    The source of power: Implementation

    Coun people born in Capricorn are: Mori Ai (French 17th -century great drama writer), Basteur (French microbiologist ), Mao Zedong, Stalin, Sadat (former President of Egypt).

    In short, you in Capricorn:

    The cable Capricorns said, "I don't believe it."

    The way of expressing love is: rational.

    is a: person who likes calm and thoughtful.

    Is Lover who can bear family obligations.

    The deceive: dare not try.

    Like: Go to work.

    fear: late.

    The pursuit: always correct.

    Is: Participate in it.

    The advantage: time.

    The unfavorable condition: doubt.

    It holiday life: mountain climbing, chess, cave adventure.

    In expenses: expand your economic accumulation.

    auspicious metal: lead.

    : Auspicious gem: 缟 缟

    favorite color: black or sea blue.

    : Saturday.

    auspicious numbers: 8, 16, 26, 35.

    favorite places: ancient mountain stone landscape and quiet forest.

    Ilisted plants: Bullants, ivy, cypress, coriander, mandala, raspberry.

    The residence conditions: The indoor is full of peaceful atmosphere, there is a hint of coolness; antique furniture and Chen have antique and traditional handicrafts.

    The ideal homeland: Greece, Albania, Bolivia, Mexico, Afghanistan, India, Bulgaria.

    In January 4th birthday flower

    Birthday flower: Hazel

    friends of Paul, San Titas Flower

    Since ancient times, Christianity has the habit of connecting saints with specific flowers. This is caused by the church in commemorating the saints, often embellishing the altar in blooming flowers! In the Catholic monastery of the Middle Ages, there are all kinds of flowers planted like a garden center. Over time, the church combined the 366 -day saints with different flowers to form the so -called flower calendar. At that time, most of the monastery was located in South Europe, while the South European was a Mediterranean climate, which was very suitable for planting flowers and plants. Hazel trees are the flowers selected to sacrifice St. Titas. It is a friend of San Paulo and a missionary. The origin of Hazel trees in Europe, West Asia, and North Africa is a tree that mouse and Bobcats like very much.

    Hua language: reconciliation

    When Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden, God was pity, saying that if you can create a new life, you will be given a hazel stick. This symbolizes the reconciliation between God and man. Therefore, the flower language of the hazel is "reconciliation". Those who are born of this flower blessing are intellectual and calm, and they are most suitable for the role of arbitration. However, sometimes too calm and difficult to fall into the love network, so you must know how to abandon calm in a timely manner.

    The birth of the stone: garnet

    Since the ancient Egyptian era, garnet has been regarded as a amulet. Because it is the most senior gem, it is selected as the birth stone of January.

    The color is dark red like the port in Bordeaux red wine. It is also like a mature pomegranate fruit, which is crystal -shaped, so it has the name of the garnet. There are garnet production around the world. Its rough stones are more charming than diamonds, showing a beautiful shape. Garnet can be said to be a symbol of power, elegance, and victory. In the Victorian era in the United Kingdom, it was embellished on gemstones such as the crown and highly cherished.

    The legend of the garnet

    At first, the gem found from the oldest relic of Europe, Czelovakia, is the garnet. This string of garnet is stringed with a rope, which is said that it is admired by the elders of the tribe. In ancient times, people worshiped the sun as a god, and the gem that would shine when it was shined by the sun was regarded as the same mystery as the sun. It is said that Gothic's lover Ululi often wear red garnet that has been circulated from generation to generation when dating. This series of gems is now collected in the Bohemian Museum. Wearing this kind of gem is calm and peaceful, can understand the kindness and ideas of others, and can also have the ability to see through the world.

  3. Haha, I answered a lot above, and I came to make up for the fun. I won't say good, I like to tell the truth.
    In AD, January 4, 1983, 3: 0
    The on November 21, 1982

    Ren Ren Ren Ren

    Ding Wuxin Gui Gui Puyi Bingli Kobe
    Only killed the Indian robbery to kill the wealth and kill n rare eight characters, I touched the first time, I touched it for the first time Arrive. The destiny belongs to a dog, and the sea is destined. Moon blade grid. Liu Ren becomes Gen grid. There are more than robbery, food injury and wealth are God, and official killing is the god of joy.
    1 Let's say a word first, this year is the year of Dinghai 2007. The year of the sun, the woman is unfavorable
    2 You are generous and wealthy, and your constitution is weak and irritable. Society
    3 Observation power is very strong, people are in affairs, can be performed in depth, good and evil are distinguished, if you see liver lung
    4 articles are good, decisive, and the operation can dry
    5 No no In the same flow, I like to read books
    6 I met villains in my life, and I encountered jealousy in their careers and financial resources. Others help
    8 Those who want to get close to you, passionate husband, constant disputes, and uncomfortable marriage.
    9 Marriage issues, late marriage is good. Hongyan women are so thin, exhausting for life
    10 Your best marriage is: Yi Yi (1975) Yi Yi (1965) Ding Yan (1977) Gengshen (1980) Tell you that you have conflicts with your brothers because of housework or family property.
    13 There are also unhappy with brothers or friends and colleagues because of money.
    14 is still, rare brothers and friends and colleagues, but they will post it on them.
    15 You should not partnership, should be free business, service industry, etc.
    16 You often suffer from wealth for help. There is a short -term fortune, but it is difficult to continue. You should be diligent and cautious on weekdays. You often consume money because of relatives and friends.
    17 What about you, listen to me: try to deposit people banks as much as possible, pay attention to the plan, and do not move, such as: Mo Sao stocks, Mo participated in large gambling, private loans, private money and money, etc. It is like the ash noodles of Ziya. If you do n’t follow the way, “pigs and sheep have broken their slaughter”; "
    18 You can get a higher education or have a high level of knowledge and cultural level, suitable for technical work
    19 You should be engaged in freelance in business, doctors, accounting, teachers, etc. !
    20 You also like the method of five metaphysics, knowing things and analyzing things, and have advanced consciousness. Oh, you can calculate yourself
    21 You seem to be soldiers, or it is or Your family has soldiers, or engaged in public prosecution laws.
    2 22 You are informal, hesitant, contradictions in action, and infected quickly in the outside world. Silent.
    23 The most favorable partner in your work is: the snake belongs to the person of the horses.
    24 Your parents are kind and happy, the good deeds, and the home of Dewang. R n 25 There is a word of words, I said it, do you think right? Tiangan a word, or lonely criminal disaster. .

    Is adding it, I just looked at the other character, only one word from you, you can see (./question/27157959). Rest assured, this link has no virus, haha.

  4. "The people and things I encounter are not going well."
    This is because your experience is too little ~ It is not scientific to see the fate. N, astrology is a science ~
    It you should communicate with people to get a distance from society. This process needs to be changed slowly. You will change because of the
    environment, but you work hard After changing your personal, you will see the environment of your life because your efforts
    have improved ~~

  5. If you don't hold you wrong in your house, then I am responsible for the analysis below: try to do it as well, but don't take it seriously. It is recommended to put energy on the growth of personal abilities, and marriage may not be very satisfactory.

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