3 thoughts on “Where can I have snack wholesale markets in Zhongshan City?”

  1. The larger ones are the Sharon Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market (Shalang Rainbow Avenue) and the Sharang Jinye wholesale Market (Sharon Jingang Road). , Xiaolan Different Food Wholesale Market (Xiaolan Dongsheng Road), Yongning Different Food Wholesale Market (Xiaolan Yongning Dongcheng Road), the above three are on Xiaolan. Tongsheng Three Bird Wholesale Market (at the intersection of Tongmao Road, National Highway 105) is a relatively large and well -known professional wholesale market.

  2. I don’t know how to know there
    , but we are not far from Foshan
    We have many wholesale departments on our side
    Our family is the need for snacks and wholesale. Take a look at the Taobao shop

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