5 thoughts on “Is it true that the 999 foot of the 999 foot of Jinfu Jinfu Jin Lao Fengxiang on the Internet is true?”

  1. it is true.
    The golden jewelry sold on Pinduoduo said that it was Lao Fengxiang's cheap. This is because Pinduoduo's profit model is to buy low prices. In fact, the essence is the same. There are more, and there are more promotion, so that even if the profit of each order is not so much, it is considerable.
    Many people think that the price is low, and the correction is that the quality is low. In fact, the low -cost products are not necessarily low -quality products, low prices are market demand, and low -quality is a business loss.
    Extension information:
    For Pinduoduo products, many people have skeptical attitudes because of price and other factors, and even think that such a low price is fake. Huang Zheng, the founder of Pinduoduo, said that Pinduoduo will not sell fakes, but genuine products with their own brands and trademarks. They may not be famous, but they are all real.
    Puoduo's main "Pinduoduo purchasing low -price" model is also one of the reasons for low commodity prices. After all, a large amount of goods are beneficial. Merchants are also willing to clean up inventory in a small profit -making way.
    The platform is still in the dividend period, and Pinduoduo is still carried out "10 billion subsidies" and other activities when listing. Perhaps many large commodities are cheap because the platform provides subsidies.

  2. As long as the reputation of the store is better, it should be true. You'd better ask for an invoice to the store. When receiving the goods, you must open the inspection. If you find any questions, you must take pictures and refuse to obtain evidence. Or store in courier. And complain to the platform. There is no problem.

  3. If you buy it online, if it is the official flagship store, it may be true. If you are not sure, then take it to the Lao Fengxiang physical store for verification, but it is better to buy it online!

  4. Buying 999 footsteps on the Internet is not necessarily true. At present, the quality of a lot of goods is not guaranteed. There are too many counterfeit fakes. It doesn't matter if you have less money. Gold jewelry is best to buy from a physical store. I buy a jeans in Pinduoduo. On the surface, it is OK. After a few days of wear, the color is not elastic, the price is not low, and the quality is poor. Pinduoduo should be rectified.

  5. Foot Jin Lao Fengxiang bought on the Internet may not be full gold. If there are not many gold jewelry purchased, it is recommended to buy physical stores.

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