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  1. Selling gold can pass the following channels:
    1. From the current market conditions, various banks only repurchase the gold bars sold by the Bank. Most of the brand gold bars business operated by commercial banks has opened the repurchase business, but mainly investing in gold bars. After investors buy the brand gold bars of these banks, as long as the gold bar products meet the relevant repurchase conditions, they can be sold to the bank. Of course, different banks have different conditions and prices for the repurchase of gold bars. The prices are mainly linked to the International and Shanghai Gold Exchange, and they will change every day.
    2, outside the bank, the pawn bank is also responsible for the golden pawn business, but the price given is low. It can be said that for the varieties of repurchase gold, there are not many restrictions on the pawn bank. Whether it is gold bars, BRICS or gold necklaces, etc., they will be collected all over, and the procedures are simple.
    3, street shops and online stores can also recycle gold. Under normal circumstances, the roadside shop repurchase gold does not need to show any documents and bills. It only needs to weigh the gold jewelry and gold bars and give the money according to the weight, but the price is very low.
    4, in addition, some specialists will also choose the "old replacement new" business launched by Golden Store. Although the gold jewelry style is not limited, investors must bring shopping bills. When changing the old new, it is also necessary to charge a certain depreciation fee. Generally speaking, the purchase of gold is basically synchronized with international gold prices, but investors need to make an appointment to repurchase one day in advance, and the price cannot be made at the time of appointment, because the price of gold changes at any time.
    The content of this article comes from: China Law Press "The Financial Code of the People's Republic of China: Application Edition"

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