How to buy a wedding ring

My husband and I were planning to buy a wedding ring. My husband wanted to buy a golden ring to keep it, but I don't think the diamond is shining. However, both of us are laymen. When we go to the store, we listen to the salesperson's smallpox and talk about it. In the end, we feel that we do nā€™t know what to buy.

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  1. To choose the

    First of all, the newcomer must understand that buying a wedding ring must be completed by two people. Buying a proposal ring may be as long as the girlfriend can like it, but the marriage pairing ring is different, so it is very particular about how to choose a wedding ring. In the future life, the wedding ring requires the two parties to wear them often. While expressing their love, they can also tell others that "I am married." If a party does not like the style of this wedding ring, and is unwilling to wear a wedding ring, then the meaning of buying will not be able to talk about it. So when buying a wedding ring, how to choose a wedding ring? Be sure to two people together. The first feeling of the marriage and the ring that the two people first feel is suitable for themselves, so I believe in my first feeling. Because it is often picked too much, the target is thrown away, and the choice of the ring style between the two people will also cause differences.

    In the selection of

    In wedding precepts to choose? Of course, when choosing, the two parties must not only like themselves, but also suitable for their own hand shape. The effect of wearing will be better. Due to the different shapes of men and women's fingers, in more cases, choosing to get married must follow this principle. If your fingers are thick, how can you choose the ring? The atmosphere is very suitable. If you are all slim -fingers, it is recommended that you choose a relatively thin and elegant style.

    The "4C"

    The Western proverb said, "Diamonds are the best friends of girls", China also has "diamonds long and long, a forever spread" statement. Although many people also choose other jewelry as engagement rings, such as rubies, emeralds, or pearls, diamond rings are currently the most fashionable choices. When choosing diamonds, pay attention to the "Four C": Cut ā€” cutting, Clarity ā€” clarity, color ā€” color and cara -carat.

    S selection where to buy

    The ring is the forever witness of your love and promise. If you are already planning to buy, it is best to go shopping with him. Because of the kind of kneeling on one knee, taking out the ring that had been prepared from his arms, it seemed rare for the romantic scene of proposing to girls. Most of the young people's marriage is "premeditated" for a long time. With him, you can choose a ring that the two people are in the expected price. Don't doubt it. It is best to buy jewelry to go to jewelry shops with good reputation, good reputation, and long history. Compared with other stores, the styles there are more complete and better workmanship. The most important thing is the authenticity of goods. In addition, the salesperson has undergone formal training to give a satisfactory answer to your questions, and you can also put forward valuable reference opinions according to your actual situation and needs. Their after -sales service is generally relatively in place, such as free restructuring, polishing and cleaning of jewelry. If the quality problems occur after the purchase, it will be repaired, replaced, and even returned. In addition, in some jewelry shops, if there is a new listing, you can also use the original ring to change it. As long as you add some money, you can get a brand new ring.

    If the wallet is not drum enough, the budget is tight, and the purchase of a discounted shopping mall during the holiday is also a good idea. Buying things is more than three, and even more important items are bought. The same thing will be very different in different shopping malls. In order to solicit customers, some shopping malls have great discounts. Moreover, the counters of different brands in the mall can also be folded, or VIP discount cards. After counting, it can also save a lot. But when the price is low, the services you get may decrease.

  2. I also just bought a wedding ring, and I bought a platinum ring without diamonds. Because the diamond ring I appreciated is currently not available, I can only wait for a few years to have the opportunity to buy it.
    usually beautiful women want to have a shiny diamond ring, mainly depends on who you want to choose gold, platinum, and diamonds. After all, you want to wear I will be the happiest
    At first I was entangled in the gold preservation of only gold. I was hesitant to let go of this gold, but I turned around and found that the gold was not easy to match with other accessories. Unexpectedly, unless you buy a set of gold, you have to unify the style to look good, and finally give up gold.
    The goal this time is to see the diamond ring without diamonds, and it is not clear about the current market. However, it must not be able to listen to the salesperson. I have a friend who works in the mall saying that the profit of the diamond ring is very large. The mall diamond ring is usually 50 % off. I can find the department manager to sign it and may buy it in 30 %. Try to move closer to 50 % off without such a big discount. Do not buy it at the label price. Some people do not bargain to pay for the label price.
    The diamond value is weighing 4C. If you want to buy a certificate, the color is at least H-i color, and the D-E color is better. If the color level is lower, the clarity level is higher. If the color level is high and the white is white, the clarity level is not so high, and it is also possible. It is also important to cut work. It is best to choose 3EX, at least 1 EX. The weight depends on what price you can withstand, the larger the more expensive.
    If finally choose to buy a diamond ring, then find some information about the diamonds online, and learn more about choosing diamonds. You will not be pitted at the minimum understanding.

  3. After getting married, the diamond ring is hidden in the safe after marriage
    In fact, I think buying a good ring is good, the golden ring. Equipping and being able to carry

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