5 thoughts on “A practical gift of about 200 yuan”

  1. Send a greeting card or other handmade products if your fingers are flexible and creative, then you can DIY a gift. If there is no original, you can also search the Internet to see if there are any imitation production. A handmade gift for yourself may not be expensive enough, but it can move the other party because he knows that you really prepare a special gift for him.
    It earrings, necklaces, rings, jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, skin care products can be given to girls as birthday gifts. If you like a girl, you are ashamed to express, then the silver jewelry of a pirate boat can make her feel you care about her.
    Extension information:
    Is a unique, creative and individual gift. Such gifts can not only surprise and move the gifts, but also make him feel that you have spent a lot of thoughts and a lot of energy to prepare this gift for him. The purpose of giving gifts is here.
    It is not as good as what you want. In fact, the purpose of giving gifts should not be the maximum effectiveness of the people of gifts, but to the greatest extent in the minds of the gift receiver. Therefore, you should give people what people want to buy but reluctant to buy, or to buy things that they want to buy, and give them to others or be a reward.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Gift

  2. About 200 yuan, practical gift, I think it can be a tie or a game recharge. If you give a woman, you can give her a piece of clothes or a pair of sports shoes.

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