1 thought on “5g golden what does it mean”

  1. 5G gold is a thousand enough gold with a gold content of 99.9%.
    5G gold is more than 4 times the hardness of ordinary gold. The weight is between 3D hard gold and ordinary gold. In terms of process technology, we must lead other gold, with good texture, high purity, good toughness, and not easy to scrape flowers.
    Although the hardness of 5G gold is higher than ordinary gold, the weight is between 3D hard gold and ordinary gold, because people design 5G gold as hollow in order to highlight the three -dimensional sense of 5G gold. In terms of characteristics, 5G gold has many characteristics such as good texture, high purity, good toughness, not easy to scratch, light weight, and good plasticity. It is said that people are happy.
    Due to the high hardness of 5G gold, it can make K gold styles, so people often use 5G gold to design various jewelry jewelry, and can also shape a lot of pure gold. The body looks charming.
    5G gold
    5G gold concentrates the characteristics of the hardness, purity and texture of gold materials. As the latest gold technology in the jewelry industry, 5G gold breaks through the restrictions of the soft quality of the traditional gold ornament; it breaks the restrictions of the lack of K gold; the texture restrictions of 3D hard gold are broken.
    This has higher abrasion resistance and stronger toughness. Under the gold style of the same structure, it weighs lighter, which is not easy to scrape and deform, which is easy to maintain. 5G gold gives more visual highlights and market hotspots, which is the development trend of gold jewelry in the future.

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