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  1. First, aluminum profile manufacturers start with aluminum profiles of conventional assembly lines. The conventional assembly line industrial aluminum profiles include 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 90, 100, 120 and other series of industrial aluminum profiles. These manufacturers have ready -made mold squeezing, and general manufacturers are prepared for these conventional products.

    : Aluminum profile manufacturers can produce other section -shaped different profiles, that is, the modeling and customization of the model. This requires the design of the model manufacturers to design the molds required by the user and then squeeze the production. Of course, the surface treatment is still anode oxidation. There are also users who require materials and spraying. The profile manufacturers can be satisfied.
    Third, aluminum profile manufacturers can not only squeeze aluminum profiles of different sections, but also deeply process the squeezed profiles, such as cutting, punching, and attack wires. These processed profiles are then assembled into aluminum profile frameworks that need to be formed, such as aluminum profile workbench, aluminum material fence, dust -free purification workshop, conveyor wire bracket, aluminum -type cabinet, and so on.
    In all, aluminum profile manufacturers can not only produce conventional aluminum profiles, and can also be used to customize different profiles. Aluminum profile processing can also be performed, that is, aluminum profile framework customization.

  2. Aluminum profile manufacturers, also known as aluminum factories, are called profile factories in Guangdong.
    The products produced by the manufacturers of aluminum profile manufacturers depends on the positioning of the manufacturer. Some manufacturers specifically do door -to -door customization manufacturers; there are also some manufacturers of all -aluminum furniture; most of the manufacturers with no exact positioning are generally customized categories. Aluminum profile.
    aluminum profile manufacturers
    aluminum profiles are widely used. Industrial aluminum materials like national standards and European standards are 4040, 4080, 8080 and other specifications of aluminum profiles. Bridge aluminum profiles, Fangtong aluminum profiles, etc.
    aluminum squares
    It industrial customized categories also require customers to open up and customized. This kind of electronic heat sink, aluminum shell, solar radiator, etc. are all in aluminum profile manufacturers Within business scope.
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