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  1. Members applying for joining must have the following conditions:
    (1) Group members
    The local and departmental cultural and art industry organizations with corporate legal person qualifications to recognize this charter and voluntarily apply for participation. After approval, they can become Chinese artists Association group member.
    (2) Unit members (members directly)
    The cultural enterprises, art research units such as cultural and art, cultural industry, art training, product production, business investment and consulting business, and acknowledge this articles of association , Voluntarily apply for participation, approved to become a member (directly -affiliated member) of the association.
    (3) Personal members
    Profeed professionals who have obtained cultural practice or professional professional qualifications, and experts, scholars, and labor models who have a certain reputation in the industry, recognize this charter, voluntarily apply for participation, and can be approved. Become a personal member of the Association.

    M member admission procedures:
    (1) Submitting application for the admission; The Association Secretariat issued a member certificate to become a member.
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  2. According to Article 7 of Chapter 3 of the Chinese Artists Association
    M members who apply to join the group must have the following conditions:
    (1) Supporting the articles of association of the group; The willingness of the group;
    (3) has a certain impact in the field of the group's business (industry, discipline).

    Is attached the regulations on membership management of the Chinese Artists Association
    It Article 1: In order to do a good job of membership management, according to the relevant provisions of the Articles of the Chinese Artists Association, these measures are specially formulated.
    The members of the association include: group members, unit members and individual members
    1. Group members -local social groups and industry society engaged in cultural industry activities approved by relevant national departments - Group;
    . Unit members -enterprises and institutions engaged in the cultural industry registered in China, including scientific research, design, production, circulation and service units; Industry experts of cultural and art work.
    3: Admission procedure
    Wasites that meet the above membership conditions, admit that the articles of association of the Association can apply for the application, fill in the membership registration form, submit the association's permanent institution for approval, and request the request for reporting requested Next time the Standing Council confirms. The application unit shall be paid to the formal membership in accordance with the regulations on the date of approval, and the association will be issued by the association to a member certificate. The members of the association can record in the relevant branches according to the needs of the work, and automatically become a member of the branch.
    It 4: Member unit enjoys relevant rights stipulated in the articles of the Chinese Artists Association.
    : Members should fulfill their obligations in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Articles of the Chinese Artists Association.
    : 6: Members will be free. If a member decides to refund, he must submit a refund report to the association's permanent institutions and return the membership certificate. The association canceled its membership after receiving the refund report and membership certificate. Within three years after the membership retreats, the association does not accept its re -application to enter the meeting. After three years, they can re -enter the meeting and follow the procedures for entering the meeting.
    Seventh: For members who do not follow the rules, do not fulfill their obligations or engage in members who have damaged the reputation of the Association, give advice and criticism. At the same time, the membership certificate is recovered and reported in the association. Members who have been canceled cannot apply for the meeting within three years.
    It 8: The units that automatically retreat or cancel the membership, if they make activities with the reputation and interests of the association, the association reserves the right to investigate its administrative and legal responsibility.
    : Member unit can enjoy the following services:
    1. The secretariat of the association by giving the "Chinese Artist" magazine, the "Art Reference" and "Internal Communications of the Association" provided the member units to provide member units to provide membership units. Information industry development policies, art exhibitions, art exchanges and other information;
    2. Member units can log in to the "Chinese Artists Association website" for free. Members to promote themselves, more than some members can enjoy a certain discount.
    3. Help membership units seek domestic and foreign partners (including World Celebrity Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, Chinese Celebrity Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, Member Personal Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition Planning, invite party and state leaders to attend the ribbon -cutting ceremony, including art appraisal evaluation, transfer, transfer, transfer, transfer, transfer, transfer, transfer, transfer, transfer, transfer, transfer, transfer, transfer, transfer, transfer, transfer, transfer, transfer, transfer, transfer, transfer, transfer Auction, work sales agent, film and television actor, singer, advertising model packaging, investment in film and television works funds, etc.) and related information;
    4. Assist member units to apply for relevant art appraisal and evaluation qualifications;
    5. Active organizations 2. Assist member units to declare the cultural industry project of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Ministry of Culture;
    6. The members of the member unit participated in the various cultural exchanges and training courses organized by the association. The National "Double Yuxin" conference, the Chinese Youth Art Festival Conference can enjoy 10%discount;
    7. Entrusted by member units to assist member units to carry out art exchanges, work promotion, information release, and plan for member units to plan suggestions Such as
    8. Priority to enjoy the association to provide other services for enterprises in all aspects of Beijing.
    : In order to do a good job of contacting members, group members and unit members must assign a person to maintain contact with the Association. If the contact person changes, the association shall be notified in time.
    : The work of membership membership is managed by the special department of the association.
    The Article 12: In March 7, 2005, these measures were reviewed and approved by the Association Member Congress.
    The Article 13: The interpretation of these measures belongs to the Council of the Association.

    It the procedure of the membership of the membership;
    (1) Submitting the application for the admission;
    (2) the discussion of the manager's council;
    (3) The agency authorized by the Council will be issued to the membership certificate.

  3. China Artists Association
    In March 2016, the China Social Organization Network, director of the Civil Organization Administration of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, exposed the first batch of "offshore society" and "cottage community" list. The Chinese Artists Association was on the list. [1]
    Chinese name
    The Chinese artist association
    Foreign name
    , China Artist, C.A.A

    illegal exposure
    The exposure batch
    The first batch of

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