4 thoughts on “What can be mixed in the fashion industry?”

  1. Occupations that can be mixed with fashion circles include beauty bloggers, star makeup artists, clothing designers, perfume perfuels, etc. There are many occupations that can work in the fashion industry, and most of them are related to beauty wearing.

    It if there are relevant majors in the school, you can consult them.

  2. What can be mixed in the fashion industry? The occupation of mixed fashion circles should be makeup artists, props, clothing, director, graphic design, cameraler, photographer, dubbing, aspect, editing.
    I can mix the occupation in the fashion circle should be the director. The film and television circle is still inseparable from the director and director of the director in the fashion circle. Therefore, the director, this profession is also suitable for the fashion circle.
    . The occupation that can be mixed with the fashion circle should be a makeup artist. Whether it is film and television or fashion models, the transformation of makeup artists and the creation of makeup artists need to be beautiful and beautiful. Can't leave the makeup artist.
    three, there are many occupations in the fashion circle, such as music, audio, audio, costume, clothing, props, and editing.
    four, you can mix in the fashion circle, photographers, photographers, graphic designers, and the fashion circle cannot do without such a profession. They all need to directly create his fashion.
    In short, there should be a lot of occupations in the fashion circle, and the talents in painting are needed, so all these professional mixed units are served for the fashion circle. Although they are all behind the scenes, they are inseparable from them. Services.

  3. Design assistant If you want to be a designer, you can start with the design assistant. As a design assistant, you may not directly draw the sketches of clothing in the next season, but you will have the opportunity to learn fabric knowledge to participate in ordering meetings, factories, fashion weeks, etc. Procurement is one of the hottest jobs in the current fashion industry. But in fact, in addition to flying to the world to buy the most fashionable products, the assistant buyers are mainly responsible for assisting buyers to complete orders and procurement. Some assistant buyers have a certain budget and can be purchased independently. Photographer/stylist assistant fashion photographer and fashion stylist are dreammakers in the fashion industry. If you want to succeed in these two positions, in addition to professional background and talent, experience is also very important.

    The activities to perform fashion activities, such as fashion shows, conferences and cocktails, which can always cause sensation, which is largely beneficial to dreamy scenes to a large extent. The implementation of the event is mainly responsible for the specific implementation and implementation of these large -scale activities, including early planning, communication with various departments, docking suppliers, and on -site construction, etc., which is the key to the smooth holding of the event.

    The store management trainer is an indispensable part of the retail industry. The main responsibilities include store operations, items management, and processing customers entering fashion related matters. Then there are some jewelry designers of clothing designers and photographers. These are actually possible, but if you can go in, you still have to look at you, because you want to enter the fashion circle. First of all, if you have capital, if you have no money, you can’t follow the trend. Who wants to talk to you?

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