How to protect color after anodizing titanium

Some people in life will ask, titanium anodized after the color, wipe will alter, what way to make its color stable? ​Let us first look at the principle of titanium anodizing.

The principle of titanium anodizing is to use titanium as the anode, stainless steel and other metals as the cathode, with the help of a certain electrolyte, through electrochemical reaction to promote the surface of titanium alloy oxidation reaction and the formation of oxide film. This layer of oxide film on light reflection and refraction is extremely obvious, and different thickness of oxide film will show different colors, at the same time has protection, so it is an ideal decorative layer and wear resistant layer.There's Titanium Seamless Tube.

From the principle: if you look at the single side profile, titanium anodized film is absolutely colorless. The reason why you can see the color is because the light through the membrane surface and internal two reflection interference, interference light of different wavelengths show different colors. In other words, different film thicknesses lead to different wavelengths of interference light, resulting in different colors.

In the question, it says that the color changes because the sweat or water vapor on the hand changes the thickness of the film, which causes the interference wavelength to shift, so the color changes. To protect, or wear gloves operation, there is claimed to be able to use a sealer coated surface, but if it is in the medical industry, currently mainly by wearing gloves without naked hand contact for protection.

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