Split axle suspension is independent or not independent

Broken - off axle is one of the main structural forms of axle. In contrast to the common monolithic axle, the split axle does not have a solid or hollow axle in the middle. Instead, it has a jointed structure so that the two wheels can move relative to each other.

Semi Trailer supplier says To put it in plain English, it means that two wheels on the same shaft, no matter jumping or swinging, can realize a completely independent motion without interfering with each other. The premise of this function is that the two wheels each use an independent suspension, connected to the frame through their own suspension system.

Therefore, the suspension used by the broken axle is usually independent suspension, and the broken axle can also be called "independent suspension axle".

The style of broken axle can be further subdivided, such as the following:

1. Single cross arm broken axle

This kind of axle is seldom used now, because when the suspension is stressed and deformed, the wheel is easy to tilt and leads to the shift of the vehicle's wheel pitch, which affects the firmness of the tire grip. In addition, when the axle is matched with the steering function, it is easy to make the kingpin Angle and the wheel Angle shift considerably, which has a certain influence on the steering control.

2. Double cross arm broken open axle

This kind of broken axle is typically used in the front wheel of the car, and the upper and lower two swinging arms are not equal in length, which can control the angle of the wheel and kingpin and the shift of the wheel pitch. When the wheel moves up and down, the camber of the upper arm is smaller than that of the lower arm, which can realize the slight internal and external movement of the upper part of the tire, and the influence of the bottom is tiny, which is conducive to reducing tire damage and improving the ride comfort and directional stability of the vehicle.

3. Single longitudinal arm type broken axle

This kind of axle is also used in the non-steering wheel, because the wheel up and down jump amplitude is larger, easy to make the kingpin rear Angle has a great shift, affecting the stability of the driving.

4. Double longitudinal arm broken axle

This form of axle is suitable for steering wheels, where the two longitudinal arms are roughly the same length, so that a parallel four-link mechanism can be formed, and the rear Angle of the kingpin can be maintained as the wheel jumps up and down.

To say the advantages of the broken axle, the first one is that the running stability is relatively strong. The reason is that the shaft rod is replaced in the middle of the broken axle, the installation position of the engine can be reduced or moved forward to a certain extent, so that the center of gravity of the vehicle is lower, can improve the stability of the driving.

In addition, the wheels on both sides of the broken axle are respectively installed independent suspension. When one side is jolted, the remaining side can not be affected, which can improve the comfort of riding to a certain extent.

‚ÄčAlso, because of the performance that the wheels on both sides of the broken axle can move independently, the vehicle can quickly get out of the jam in the road conditions such as rotten road, steps, deep ditch, cross axle, shell pit, mud, etc., so it is widely used in various military vehicles or off-road vehicles.

Although the open-break axle has obvious advantages, it is not suitable for all vehicles. A truck, for example, is more suitable for an integral axle than a split axle.

Why? The two sides of the broken axle wheels are joint connected structure, load-bearing performance is naturally compared with the hollow or solid axle beam of the integral axle, so it is difficult to transport goods.

In contrast, although the integral axle is slightly weaker in ride comfort, vibration resistance and stability, it can provide greater bearing force and torque. In addition, the modeling structure is relatively simple, and the daily maintenance and maintenance are more convenient, which is suitable for the use of freight vehicles.

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